Terms & Conditions for booking & staying at KulturHaus


Our KulturHaus is an educational and meeting place that we have built on with help of many volunteers and young people, and we always strive to maintain it and keep on renovate it.

Here we co-create a space in which every person should feel welcomed and be cautious with cultural differences.

Therefore, we had to set up the house rules that organizations and groups have to comply with in order to stay at the KulturHaus.

  • We do not tolerate racist, sexist and homophobic behavior.
  • To save energy, the lights on the ground floor should be switched off at night. As well as upstairs at night, the emergency lighting will always be on in the hallways.
  • When the group leaves the house, please turn off the lights and lock up the house entry doors.
  • Only slippers are allowed in the house. Outdoor shoes should be left in the entrance in the shoe shelves.
  • Any waste should be thrown in the appropriate trash can. This also applies to the outdoor area. The waste separation must be followed strictly. Please dispose of used glass in the glass container on the street.
  • Tables, chairs and kitchen materials should be returned to their original location after your stay.
  • Campfires are not allowed on the grounds of KulturHaus.
  • Due to fire protection measures, candles, open fires, incense sticks, the use of any smoking-causing objects as well as smoking in the entire KulturHaus are strictly prohibited. The smoke alarm system is very sensitive and connected directly to the local fire department. In case of violations, we charge the costs incurred for the damage and the fee of the fire brigade (about 500 €).
  • The emergency exits are only to be used in case of danger.
  • You are welcome to organize water games on the grounds. Water spray guns or water balloons are not allowed in the house.
  • At the end of the stay rooms and corridors have to be swept and the trash cans emptied.
  • In the lounges, the tables have to be wiped off and the floors swept.
  • It may happen that pillows or duvets are spoiled or dirtied. Please report this to the management. They will exchange the bedding.
  • If guests do not use bed sheets, we will charge a fee of 40 € for the professional cleaning of bedding.
  • Bicycles can be rented for a fee of € 5 per day/bicycle.
  • If any items are damaged in the house, immediately notify the owner. Damaged equipment will be charged to the renter after repair or replacement. Therefore we recommend the tenant to take out a valid liability insurance.
  • When dishes and bedding will be missing at the end of the stay, we have to, unfortunately, charge this.
  • As we depend on a good relationship with our neighbors, we ask you to ensoure your group to behave considerately. This includes, above all, observing the quiet hours between 10 pm and 6 am during the whole week. We recommend to respect quiet hours also between 1 pm and 3 pm on Weekends.

    For this we calculate:

Mug 2.00 €, small plate 2.00 €, soup plate 2.50 €, large plate 2.50 €, cereal bowl 2.50 €, glass 1.50 €, fork 1.50 €, soup spoon 1.50 €, Knife 2,00 €, teaspoon 1,00 €, cushions 18,95 € and duvet 31,95 €, spare key 10,00 €.

We wish you a nice stay